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The Spartanburg County Search and Rescue Team (SCSAR - Division of the Spartanburg County Office of Emergency Management) began in 2007 with our initial SARFUN course followed by our first search in 2008.  Now, 53 activations later, 42 in the last three plus years, our group continues to expand, train, evolve, and offer assistance to any official requesting agency.  A close partner with SCSARDA, we often train and work as one to offer a comprehensive search effort.  To learn more about SCSAR, call 864-595-5365 or visit us online at  To learn more about SCSARDA, visit them online at


Spartanburg Search & Rescue


To provide a well-trained and disciplined search and rescue team to assist any requesting governmental or SAR agency in search and rescue operations.

Latest Updates:

Verified Volunteers

Starting in March 2016, Verified Volunteers will now conduct the background checks for SCSAR.  All SCSAR members are required to have these new checks completed by 4/1/16.  We have been very impressed with the thorough nature of their checks and the monthly rechecks offered by this service.  As always, we strive to provide highly trained, credentialed, professional and Verified Volunteers.


2017 Searches

7/2917 - Mills River Search

On 7/29 SCSAR along with our partnering agency, SCSARDA, assisted with search efforts in Mills River NC. Overall, we had 20 volunteers from both groups assist numerous other teams/agencies in a search effort that spanned several counties and two states. In regards to our small contribution, our ground team completed 2 task assignments, SCSARDA's Dog team completed 5 task assignments while one of our searchers assisted Mills River with several other assignments during our operational period. A special thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and energy. When it comes to search planning and execution, our partners in NC always set the standard. We appreciate their continued confidence in us and it's always an honor to work with so many great local SAR/Rescue teams who epitomize professionalism and dedication. With that said, please keep the family, friends, and the entire community of Mills River in your thoughts/prayers as Mr. Tommy Bryson was found Sunday night in Arden NC.



6/15/17 - Mills River Search

A special thank you to the 16 SCSAR and SCSARDA members who assisted with a search in Mills River/Translvania NC Thursday evening, June 15th, for a missing child.  Fotunately, after several hours of searching by numerous teams around the area, the child was found safely.


6/2/17 - Robbinsville NC Search

A special thank you to the 10 SCSAR and SCSARDA members who assisted with a search in Robbinsville NC on 6/2 with very short notice.  We were notified about the search around 10:30pm on 6/1 and still had enough personnel to produce 2 dog teams, a river search team, and have a member dedicated to comm's.  With a great effort by all, the missing grandmmother and grandaughter were found alive and well.


5/18/17 - Moore SC Search

A special thank you to the 21 SCSAR and SCSARDA members who assisted with a search in Moore SC last night/early this morning. For those who were there, it was unique in nature but with a great outcome. The gentleman arrived at his apartment this morning way outside of the search area (4.6 miles from PLS - as the crow flies) Once again, we can't say enough about our team who searched the swampy/marsh area until the early morning hours and were willing to go the entire night if asked to do so - great job by all


2/3-2/5 - NC SAR Exercise

From 2/3-2/5, 14 of our members attended the Richmond County NC SAR Exercise at the Millstone 4-H Camp (awesome location, great food, nice cabins, top notch). Overall, it was a great experience. We had the opportunity to complete 5 task assignments and had just began our 6th when the subjects were found for the last time. Our team had a find on Saturday night and overall, we cannot say thank you enough for those in NC giving us the opportunity to participate. During this exercise we had the opportunity to polish existing skills, acquire new ones, and most importantly, continue to build teamwork and camaraderie among our SAR family. Thank you again to those who made it all happen and to those who chose to participate in this great exercise opportunity.



2/1/17 - Woodruff SC

Woodruff search today for 52-year-old with dementia - first SCSARDA/SCSAR ground team deployed located him in the woods - great teamwork by everyone - This was very textbook and we are fortunate to have received numerous MLSO and dementia trainings from Roland Hamrick and Teepa Snow over the last 5 plus years


1/22 & 1/28 - Wellford, SC Search

On 1/24 and 1/28 SCSARDA/SCSAR searched for a missing person and we can't say enough great things about those who participated in one or both days. It was a great team effort with just enough downtime to have a 30 minute lunch donated by Bojangles in Lyman. Once again, a special thank you to everyone and thoughts/prayers to all involved.



Upcoming Events

More info on our News Page and on our Calendar

2017 Upcoming Training/Events 

Mapping/Communication Teams

The 1st Tuesday of each month we simulate a SAR trailer activation and conduct mapping training from 6pm - 8pm and then move into communications from 8pm - 9:30pm.

Fall FUNSAR Class

Our next FUNSAR class will begin in September.  We should have dates finalized by 8/14/17.


FUNSAR Full Scale Exercise

Our next Full Scale Exercise will take place at Musgrove Mill in late October or Early November.  We should have that date finalized by 8/14 as well.  Thank you



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